find locality is a location based online directory in Bangladesh, which helps people to know their own areas or any other areas they are interested in better. At findlocality.com we believe that knowing our locality can improve our lives in many ways and findlocality.com will help you improving your life by giving you access to information about locality.

You will never be in a situation again where you are out for eating but do not know where to go and what to eat. Findlocality.com brings you all the restaurants available around your location and it also shows the foods they are serving. For your convenience, we will also categorize the restaurants according to their speciality.

Love, shopping online? We know, you are going to say yes, and you are also going to say something followed by the word “but”.

We also love shopping online but we also love to see the products we are buying physically. Findlocality.com will bring all the retailer such as fashion houses; electronic shops and so on from your area or others areas to your computer or mobile screen. Just relax and browse through thousands of products from thousands of retailers, once you have found the product you wanted, head down to the shop, see the product and finally bring it home.

Please do not forget to check the opening and closing time of the shop, or if you need more information just give them a call. All these information are available on findlocality.com We believe this way will save you going shop to shop to look for the product you intend to purchase. In addition, it is easier to make better purchasing decision when you are at home in peace. Trust us; this will change your shopping experience.

On findlocality.com you can also find Beauty parlour, Barber shop, Gym, Supermarket, Furniture shop, School in your location.

All the services mentioned above are completely free and always will be.